The FITCE event was an incredible networking event. Through the engaging Discussion Panels and Fair, I was able to network with some unique business people and individuals. The few panels I attended included representatives from all over the world, describing the growth and opportunity in their region. One discussion that caught my attention was on the topic of…

Smart Cities

Urban areas with tech implemented directly into the city infrastructure to increase accessibility and movement. They discussed how Smart Cities do not just include the embedding tech, but are also inclusive to the development of strategy towards efficiency. One example was in traffic. Cities such as Los Angeles or even the local Ft Lauderdale area are hard to consider Smart as commuting from home to work can take an hour during gridlock with what usually takes 10 minutes otherwise. It is not just the expansion of roads to consider, but accessibility to public transit and mixed use developments for allowing increased economic convenience.


are all over the world; Barcelona is a good use of a human centric model, and Singapore a more technologically based success story. One key takeaway from the topic I felt was most pertinent was how businesses would profit from these new urban planning models. Public and private would see improved morale, productivity and consumer outreach. I compiled a list below of more information regarding Smart Cities:

CNBC: What is a Smart City?

TEDxSingapore: How We Design and Build a Smart City and Nation

Vox: Superblocks-How Barcelona is Taking City Streets Back From Cars

Our new friends over at Drassan, a Dutch Caribbean products logistics company in South Florida said it best about event:

“FITCE was our first networking event shortly after launching our company! This exposed our business to building pivotal connections within multiple industries worldwide. The workshops were informative, provided solutions to mitigate challenges and where to locate valuable resources. However, our favorite moments were connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs whose goals and ambitions are also aligned towards financial freedom.”

Drassan 2021

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