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About Us

The feeling of a client noticing the difference between before and after our recommendations is the most fulfilling part of what we do. We have over ten years of experience in finance and business operations. Guiding businesses to become efficient, cultivate positive employee relations, and improve the quality of their service spurs innovation and growth in the community.

Helping people is embedded in our family history. It is what the Roldan’s have always done and will continue to do, and RJFF is just another facet of contributing to those morals on a larger scale.

Founder / CEO
Meet Cindy

Hello Friends & Family, my name is Cindy and I am the founder and CEO of RJFF. I am looking forward to helping businesses become the best version of themselves to better serve the South Florida community. I received a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Management Information Systems at Florida Atlantic University. With over ten years of experience in the financial and information technology fields, I have come across many individuals and organizations in need of guidance in these areas specifically; which are crucial to the success of a business.

I have developed a passion for technology and seeing businesses flourish, inspiring me to start my own firm. It is my innate nurturing personality and love for people that will allow me to assist others in developing the skills that are essential to thrive as an organization.

Founder / President
Meet Erika

Hello, I’m Erika Roldan and I am the President of RJFF. I have spent the past four years exploring different skills and developing a deeper understanding of my community. Through different clubs such as Business Professionals of America, I have met many unique individuals with various professional backgrounds. I actively involve myself in learning about how south Florida operates on a business, social and political level, how these subjects intertwine and affect our economy. My experience has helped me understand the functions of money through multiple lenses, allowing me to discover I had no interest in becoming a financier, fancy investment banker, but instead someone who could help others and the community develop economically.

Through my sisters mentorship and family values, I have learned the importance of prioritizing compassion, helping others and being open and understanding. I have been inspired to share these morals and support the community that I now know and cherish.

RJFF is here...

To collaborate with business and organizations in south Florida on improving their core strategies for long term growth and sustainability.

We are breaking barriers around business operations and financial management!